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It’s getting chilly outside! Warm up with the Winter 2023 Kathryn Callaghan collection, featuring four characteristic garden birds, four mischievous native animals, and four peaceful local landscapes.

All twelve of the new prints are available in all of our presentation options: Miniature Mounts, Framed and Unframed 30x30cm prints, and large 45x45cm prints to really make a statement!

Bright Eyes...

I’m Home

Whether he’s a reminder of a special someone at Christmas, or a breath of fresh air throughout the year, I’m Home was painted to accompany you wherever you call home.


With his vivid orange-red breast offset by dashes of soft blues and greens, Reflect is the perfect addition to introduce a gentle confidence to your space.


Captured in the split second before he bounces off, this bright-eyed gentleman is sure to bring a smile to your face.


This print features a jewel-toned little goldfinch, named ‘Sundown’ for his warm plumage, perched happily on a bristling thistle. You can almost hear his sweet song…

...Bushy Tails...

Tiny Steps

A beautiful print that captures all of the wide-eyed wonder and adorable nature of an adorable hedgehog scurrying out to meet the world!

Happy Go Lucky

Poised mischievously on a stump, let this little squirrel’s golden fur bring an infectious energy to your home as he maps out his next leap.

Three Amigos

Three bright-eyed harvest mice clambering across a sprig of winter holly – tiny paws and entwined tails standing out in bright pink, and downy golden fur!

Just Hanging Around

Dashes of pink illuminate this determined harvest mouse’s ears, paws, and nose, while his golden fur is shaded with vibrant blue, and his holly branch shivers in soft greens and cherry red.

...and Tranquil Local Scenes

Set Sail, Strangford Lough

Inspired by a summer sojourn across Strangford Lough, take a moment to enjoy the warm breeze drifting through those sails…

The Mournes at Sunset

Billowing clouds of purple and orange reflect in the sprawling Dundrum Bay, transporting you right to the coast on a perfect evening.

Scrabo From the Lough

A bright, sunny view just around the corner from Kathryn’s Comber studio to the historical Scrabo Tower overlooking Newtownards!

Across the Drumlins

The rolling view from Killynether Wood to the Mourne skyline takes in miles of farmland and smallholdings in characteristic shades of purple, green, and gold, with a sunset sky of orange and purple in the distance.

Original Artwork

Not all of Kathryn’s original work makes it to the website – some pieces sell before they’re even released as prints. Some of the Winter 23 originals are already sold, but some still await their perfect homes…

Keep up with all of Kathryn’s currently available original work here, or make an appointment to come to the studio to view some never-before-seen pieces!

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