A commissioned painting gives you the opportunity to own an original artwork created just for you, which will not be released as a print for the general public to purchase. When it comes to a commission, you have the final say on subject, size, colour palette, and framing. Whether it’s a portrait of a beloved family pet, a location that holds a treasured memory, or an inside joke only you and your loved one will understand, every commissioned painting is as special as it is unique.

To inquire about a commission, simply fill out this form or contact us via email or telephone. If you live in or are visiting Northern Ireland, you are very welcome to visit the studio to discuss your commission in person; just call or email to set up an appointment. Thank you!

(If you’re a business or private enterprise looking for some bespoke artwork, be sure to check out Kathryn’s previous commercial work. We’d love to hear from you!)

Commissioned painting of a barn owl in flight by Kathryn Callaghan

A selection of recent commissions:

Pet portraits are always a popular subject. Kathryn’s own pets have inspired some of her most popular prints, so the importance of capturing their character is of course number one. Cats, dogs, birds – Kathryn can work from photographs, but if you’d like to bring your pet to the studio, we’d love to meet them!

Perhaps there’s a unique location in your heart – maybe it’s where you grew up, where you’ll always holiday, or the place you got married. All Kathryn needs is a photograph to capture the essence of those memories of special places.

Birds are Kathryn’s personal favourite subject to paint, and she’s painted all sorts of different species from beloved garden visitors to flamboyant exotic toucans and flamingos.

Iconic local brews to the finest French champagnes; there’s nothing like a drink to recognise a special occasion, and a commissioned painting of your favourite tipple will memorialise that moment forever!

Lumbering elephants, magnificent stags, flamboyant octopuses and everything in between; no creature is too large or small!

If you or a loved one has an iconic hobby, Kathryn’s fluid, abstract style is perfectly suited to capturing dramatic movement and human energy.

And finally, a series of assorted commissions that were truly unique, to prove that no matter what your idea is, we can bring it to a beautiful, colourful reality!

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