Kathryn Callaghan Fine Art

Kathryn lives and works in Northern Ireland and creates work inspired by the everyday glimpses of the beautiful world around her. Her work is created with a honey-like mix of ink and gel, which is poured freestyle onto the image surface. Free from pencil marks, she evokes a sense of energy, life and beauty for each subject. She works with private collectors, art galleries, interior designers and other trade sectors, catering for both residential and commercial projects.

Kathryn’s work is available directly through this website, as well as from a number of art galleries in Northern Ireland, England and the United States.

Watch how I work:

Kathryn has been one of our bestselling artists from day one. The expression ‘less is more’ is best demonstrated in her portrayal of wildlife where her ability to convey life and movement in her subjects using minimal paint is truly stunning.
Jim Beattie

Owner, Yard Gallery

If you are interested in discussing a commission, please contact Kathryn directly using: kathryn@kathryncallaghan.co.uk