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This is a beautiful Original Robin Painting inspired by the cheerful gardener’s friends we all welcome with a smile. The robin’s famous tenacity – known to even chase off cats and dogs from its territory! – is matched only by the sound of its delightful song, and Ivy captures all of that lively energy in the glimmer of the starring robin’s eye, perfect to bring warmth and a smile into your home.

Part of our Miniatures Collection, this is a great way to own an original Kathryn Callaghan painting that will fit easily into any space, for less than you might expect.

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Presented in a beautiful deluxe black frame, this Original Robin Painting will look stunning in any home. Possibly the most well-known and beloved bird in the UK and Ireland, the sweet robin is a charismatic symbol of love, courage, and energy, and makes for the perfect gift for anyone – including yourself!

With touches of genuine gold and silver leaf, this original painting by Kathryn is perfect for everyone who loves their garden visitors.

The colour has been applied in layers, using Kathryn’s signature ‘honey-like’ inky mixes alongside splashes of inks both opaque and semi-transparent.  The result is one of depth and energy that captures the essence of this lovely little wading bird.

What makes an Original Robin Painting by Kathryn unique?

Kathryn uses a unique pouring technique to create her paintings, which is a mostly contact-free approach to making her artwork, layer by layer.  Inks are mixed with gels and other mediums to create new materials which offer new and unusual finishes.  These materials are poured from mid-air from open neck bottles, dropped from pipettes, squeezed, blown and splattered across the surface.

With no sketch underneath the painting, these freeform techniques allow Kathryn to create truly original, organic pieces that are full of life and energy.  Her eye for colour enables her to represent each subject using colours you might not expect to see – but nevertheless the result is captivating and is often evocative of how we feel about the subject in our minds.  It is this ‘feeling’ that Kathryn strives to achieve through her work that gives it such resonance with collectors far and wide.

This painting has been created on acid-free primed board and finished with two coats of varnish so there is no need for glass.

Image size approx 30x30cm

Framed size approx 49x49cm

View how Kathryn works here.

We offer complimentary shipping of this original robin painting within the UK.  However, if you prefer to collect your painting in person and meet the team at our Comber studio, please just drop us an email to arrange.

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