How Christmas Shopping will look different this year

This week’s blog post Looks at how Christmas Shopping is shaping up this year. Retailers typically depend on strong sales in Q4 to hit their annual figures, lets face it.  They want to see long queues with big sales. But, like everything else in 2020, Christmas shopping will be far from ‘typical’ Firstly,  we have

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Supporting Local Business

This week’s blog post is a subject that really means a lot to Kathryn.  SUPPORTING LOCAL AND SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESS. The power is in our hands as it is something that we can all do! “As someone who is running my own business, I cannot stress enough the importance of the support I receive from all

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Who is looking forward to 2021?

Is 2020 anything close to what we had imagined?  Definitely not, but Kathryn has drawn many positives out of the numerous curveballs machine gunned out over the last few months! ”I have been very lucky that the business has been able to adapt to the restrictions’ says Kathryn, “the online store has been a great

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Getting to know the arty lingo

We often get asked to explain the difference in Print Editions and other terminology used when talking about Kathryn’s products so what better excuse to put together an article talking all things Art!! Open Edition Prints As you may have guessed, open edition prints have no limitations on numbers and as a result they tend

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Kathryn Callaghan

Artists Inspiration

Its no secret that Kathryn produces striking birds, animals, landscapes and florals with an immense sense of movement and atmosphere. The use of thick honey like gel poured freely from above creates a sense of scale, depth and emotion. In this blog we dig a little deeper with Kathryn to ask what inspires her artwork.

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Beauty on our Doorstep

The world as we know it has changed. And while there is still much uncertainty around international travel, the search volumes for local staycations has rocketed according to Google which confirms our appetite to enjoy the surrounding beauty on our very own doorstep is on the increase. Portrush Harbour “Norther Ireland is one incredible place to

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