Give a gift that will be treasured for many years to come.  A thoughtful and meaningful gesture that says so much about your relationship and feelings.

As one of three sisters with a beautiful daughter and an adventurous niece I am surrounded by ‘The Girls’ in my family and in parallel to this I have a wonderful circle of female friends. All this has inspired me to celebrate these relationships with a collection of Limited Edition Prints showcasing the flamingo.

The flamingo was a natural choice for this collection, not for the colour pink (avoiding any gender stereotypes!) but moreover they are extraordinarily beautiful with the enviable ability to stand on one leg for a REALLY long time! Interestingly a group of these magnificent birds is called a Flamboyance of Flamingos so I can think of no better subject matter.

Make her feel the most special Mum in the world and say ‘I love you’ with a striking and memorable gift.