Saint Patrick’s Day Gifts

Saint Patrick’s Day Gifts

Kathryn looking out over Strangford Lough

Our studio is set near the shores of Strangford Lough in County Down and we just love our stunning wee country.

What better way to celebrate the St Patrick’s Day festivities than with a print to bring the
feeling home.

St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and we have curated a range of work that celebrates Northern Ireland and Ireland as a whole.

If you can remember what it’s like to have a day out or drinks with friends (these things are SO long overdue) then this range of local scenes and drinks may just resonate with you. Free UK delivery on orders over £35.00

Or if you’re a little unsure what to pick, or leave it too late (this happens to the best of us!) we can help you with our new instant gift cards that have no expiry date and can be set at any amount.

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