Transport yourself back to a place full of special meaning and important memories. Our Special Places art prints are designed to capture the essence and soul of the places you love.  Remembering those important moments is easy with a vibrant, contemporary print that will last a lifetime.

As one of three sisters with a beautiful daughter and an adventurous niece I am surrounded by ‘The Girls’ in my family and in parallel to this I have a wonderful circle of female friends. All this has inspired me to celebrate these relationships with a collection of Limited Edition Prints showcasing the flamingo.

The flamingo was a natural choice for this collection, not for the colour pink (avoiding any gender stereotypes!) but moreover they are extraordinarily beautiful with the enviable ability to stand on one leg for a REALLY long time! Interestingly a group of these magnificent birds is called a Flamboyance of Flamingos so I can think of no better subject matter.

We have number of locations within our range, with places including the Mussenden Temple and Portrush Harbour in the North Coast, to Grafton Street and Trinity College in Dublin.  We hope you find one to pair with your special memories.

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